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Gallery: 2006 Jungle Park Speedway Reunion

The legendary Jungle Park Speedway, located on US 41 in Marshall, IN just north of Rockville, is a special place indeed. Running off and on from 1926 until 1960, the track was the scene of some exciting racing and good times, but also of some savage accidents. For the last several years, race fans have gathered at Jungle Park on the last weekend in September to learn about the track and its history, share stories, buy and sell memorabilia and car parts, see vintage cars, and just generally have a good time. These photos were taken at the 2006 Jungle Park Reunion.

If you’ve thought about visiting Jungle Park but just haven’t done it, do it soon! Like all old race tracks, the property has been up for sale at times throughout the years and there’s really no telling how long it will be before a bulldozer finishes it off for good. The 2007 reunion will be held September 29th, and the gates open to the public at 9am.

If you have the opportunity to go, be sure to take a walk around the track either by yourself or in a very small group. Take time to let your imagination run wild with the sights, sounds, and drama of races held long ago. The old grandstand, cement walls, patches of pavement, and encroaching trees will combine to create an eerie atmosphere. And if you hear voices, who knows… they may not just be in your head!

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#1  -  jimclark dinsmoor    (August 27th, 2010 at 6:58 am)

just finished a book(the ghosts of jungle)found this website BRAVO/AWSOME/SPEECHLESS… my grandpa duke dinsmore raced there. i only wished i am half the man those guy’s were back then. keep up the awsome work. jimclark dinsmoor

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